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Concrete pools have been around for years. In fact the first pools that people used were made from rough concrete.

Concrete pools are just becoming increasingly popular once more due to the fact that they are very versatile. With a concrete pool you can assured you can choose just about any shape and it can be done. What is also great about having a concrete pool is that you can have various extra parts put on as additions. This could be anything from fancy stairs through to a rock feature, water feature or special sculpture. In fact you could even have a really great light structure installed to really offset your concrete pool at night.

We find that many of our Gold Coast clients opt for concrete pools because they last longer and take less work to maintain. They are also easily changed. So for instance if the current owner of the property sells the property, the new owners may want to change the shape of the pool – with concrete pools this is a possibility.


Freeform concrete pools are amazing and create a beautiful setting within any backyard. It gives you such a sense of being within nature, you cannot help but want to spend every waking minute in your pool.

We are considered concrete pool specialists on the Gold Coast and we will be with you every step of the way, from design through to construction and installation.


Concrete pools are considerably more expensive than a fiberglass pool, however the benefits of a concrete pool are worth the price tag. They also take a fair amount longer to build and install, but again the final product will be worth the wait.

Want a resort style swimming pool? Concrete pools are there to help your dream come to life.

Looking for a pool that has the ability to be a gorgeous waterfall? Concrete pool construction can make it happen.

The process has a few steps involved but the reason for this is so that your concrete pool may last a little longer and have less chance of needing maintenance in the near future.


The short answer – yes. But the longer answer is yes, but very rare. If it does crack it could be because of various things such as:

  • Poor construction
  • Installation near other structures
  • Use of poor materials

This is why we at Casino Pools and Spas are with you every step of the way and our senior team members will be supervising the progress of the project throughout.

You can have peace of mind that because of our 35 years in the industry and our expertise in the field, you will only get the best possible materials and best installation as well as the best after sales service to ensure the maintenance of your concrete pool.

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