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The term “spa pool” generally refers to a small, heated and jetted pool that is installed into the ground. The beauty of spa pools is that they can be installed indoors or outdoors – but with the summer heat experienced on the Gold Coast you are most likely to want your spa pool outdoors – unless you have a proper concrete or fiberglass pool outside already.

Spa pools can also be attached to an existing pool for the ultimate luxurious feel or you can just have them as a standalone feature.


Spa pools are more than just a swimming pool – they have various other benefits attached. Take a look at the below and maybe you see something that speaks to you and your needs for a spa pool.

Below are 7 possible benefits of soaking in a spa pool

  • Stress One of the most obvious benefits of a hot tub is the potential to help ease the tensions of the day. …
  • Muscle relaxation. …
  • Improved sleep. …
  • Pain relief. …
  • Better cardiovascular health. …
  • Improved insulin sensitivity. …
  • Calorie burn.

So as you can see, a spa pool is more than just a pool.


It could be because of the above benefits or it could be because you are looking for something a little smaller or maybe even the fact that you want something indoors.

A spa pool is also the pool of choice when you want something a little more portable and want to be able to move the pool at a later stage.

A swim spa gives you the best of both worlds because you get the health aspects of swimming but the massage technique from the jets is brilliant for relaxation as well as blood circulation and just an overall feeling of wellbeing.

The fact that spa pools also cost far less to maintain in the long run is also a desirable factor when you are making a choice.

The swim spa pools also take up considerably less space and installation is very quick.

You can choose different shapes of spa pool, colours, and also the amount of jets you would want. Once you have made all your choices the rest is fairly simple.

Once you have your pool installed, you can also look at building a deck around it to just finish it off.

Remember that Casino Pools and Spas offer a full service, this means that you have the trust that we will assist you even after your spa pool has been installed so that you may keep it in top notch shape and maintain it for years to come.

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